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Trae: Turned Lant of Ice by akarui Trae: Turned Lant of Ice by akarui
Drawn for :iconslarenkou: <333~

Been foreeeever since I drew this guy, holy crap. He needed an update super badly and I felt inspired yesterday, so I grabbed a pen and farted this out. Sorry for the icky coloring 8/ I was too lazy to really COLOR it. Meh xD;;…

Trae was my third Lant I ever created and was made to be a sort of rival to my other Lant characters as a representation of a what a true Turned Lant was like (as opposed to Juul because he’s Balanced).

He belongs to my story “Twin Goddess Chronicles” (TGC) and my rps with :iconslarenkou: c: Someday I will turn that into a novel series, I swear…

Why is he nekkid? HE’S NOT. HE HAS A TARP AND ONE SLEEVE. …I dunno why. Because he’s a ho-skank? /LOL/ Trae just likes being naked… I don’t ask questions about it anymore >3>;; At least you get to see all his pretty rune/Stain markings 8D;;… I don’t think his bum would make this Mature Content, though.
Name: Trae
Age: 3100 (appears in his 20’s)
Species: Sacred
Breed: Lant
Gender: Male
Element(s): Ice
Status: Turned (/Unbalanced)
Generation: I
Partner: Slare Lord
Hair: White/blue
(Base) Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Height (without antlers & shoes): 7’2”
Height (with antlers & shoes): 8”3”
Weight: 215
Very little is known about Trae’s original life, personality, or appearance, because “Trae” himself is no longer in his original form but is the result of the original Lant fusing with a man named Traenithe.

The reasons for his Turning remain a mystery, but the Lant was very powerful enough in his Turned form that he was able to escape the wrath of his punishing brothers and sisters. He ended up throwing himself into another reality where the Lant and Hunters couldn’t easily reach him without risk, and it was here that he discovered an ideal world free of the intervention of nosy gods, The Patron’s rules, or other Lant. Even with this freedom of existence, he wanted to ensure his safety and took measures to protect himself.

The most vulnerable part of a Lant is their Lamp. Without it, they will die. If it were to get damaged or destroyed, they would die. It had to be dealt with.

He discovered a loop hole around having a Lamp: he could fuse himself with it. This was harder said than done, however, because a Lant cannot just fuse themselves with their Shards (parts). Instead, he’d need to fuse with another person. He knew he wouldn’t be the same as before, but he would still survive, and that was what he considered most important, so he went looking for a being to make into his Vessel—a being that shares part of a Lamp’s Flame, connecting their souls—for only a Vessel could properly merge with a Lant (at least in theory).

It didn’t take much effort to locate a candidate: an immortal named Traenithe. He was the powerful head of his family and the descendant of a monstrous being known as Graeve. Traenithe was power-hungry, vicious, intelligent, strong, unstable and proud. He had everything the Lant needed to ensure his survival. Now he just needed to convince Trae to become his Vessel and to fuse with him.

Traenithe might have been smart, but the Turned Lant was smarter.

Abusing the immortal’s desire for power proved to make him easily manipulated. The Lant presented himself to the Demon Lord, offering to bestow him power. He explained that if he gave part of his Flame to Traenithe that the demon would grow his powers exponentially, all because it made the Lant less vulnerable. Traenithe proceeded and was turned into a Vessel with little argument.

Traenithe was again presented with the chance to grow in power: the Lant told him they could fuse together, and whoever had the most powerful soul would inherit the resulting body. Pride comes before the fall; the demon believed himself to be far more powerful and intelligent than his meek Lant friend and permitted the gambling fusion, only to discover the Lant was far stronger than he’d been putting off. His soul was quickly and easily consumed by the Lant’s, and the result left the Sacred in charge of the merged bodies.

He named himself “Trae”, gave up the title of Demon Lord, abandoned the immortal’s previous life, and snaked off to look for a place to live.

Because he’s fused with a physical body, Trae has a body of flesh, blood and organs, meaning he must eat and sleep and drink water to survive. Luckily for him, Traenithe was a good choice in a Vessel since he was immortal, and that means Trae can go months without eating/etc if necessary. He prefers not to, however, seeing as how much he loves to eat, sleep and get drunk off his finely-toned ass. He’s male in gender, thanks to having fused with a male (Lant are 99% genderless), but is sterile. Having a body has also made him into an ironically sexual being (Traenithe himself wasn’t very sexual at all) and if he goes for too long without satisfying his ‘needs’, he can become quite cranky. Because he’s a Lant, he lacks any gender-specific desires and is more than happy to accept the attention of women and men alike.

Trae is an Ice elemental, meaning he can create ice of course, but he can also create mist/etc. He’s part Water elemental thanks to Traenithe’s body but he rarely uses it. Because he’s a Lant he has the power to manipulate any element, but he can freely create ice or water. Though he is an ice type, he doesn’t easily overheat because his ice is so cold that it can smother fire, and his physical body keeps him warm. He is only prone to being afflicted by Hellfire but that doesn’t keep him from using heat as an excuse to run around half-naked.

Because he is Turned, Trae’s energy is Unbalanced and creates chaos. When agitated or angry, his aura swells and powers up, inflicting chaos upon his environment and anyone close to him. This can have different affects and he doesn’t always have control over his own chaotic energy. It can kill someone with ease but typically mutilates them in some way, ranging from physical deformations gender swapping, to something more severe like permanent insanity.

Personality-wise, he just got a bit more eccentric when compared to his initial character. Trae remains wholly self-centered and believes the world should revolve around him, period. His own existence is what is important, and he will go to great lengths to ensure he stays alive. His new flesh drives him to satisfy it, and Trae is more than willing to be a creature ‘of the world’.

The only other being that he will protect is one that he met after his first encounter with Juul-wryl’ithe when he attacked Liege Lord’s mansion out of curiosity. He hadn’t seen another Turned Lant since his arrival and decided Juul could be a threat and must be dealt with, especially since another Lant was dwelling in the very same mansion. Trae attacked and managed to turn Shawl (the healthy and normal Lant sent to keep an eye on Juul) into a mortal, changed a Shadow God into a woman, killed several dozens of Liege’s Followers/fighters, and turned Juul into a human boy. Trae was unable to defeat both Shawl and Juul and was chased off by the powerful Weapons (ancient immortals with unfathomable power), but not before reading Liege’s mind. He became aware of Liege’s older brother, Slare, and became curious.

Just like his little brother, Slare had no way of knowing about or preparing himself for the Turned Lant’s visit. Also just like Liege, he was unable to get rid of the Lant by intimidation or threats or glowers. He was forced to hear out the Lant’s proposal, just as Traenithe before him.

Trae offered Slare the chance to become partners. He’d been searching for the company of someone strong and like-minded and had decided that Slare met his needs. If Slare agreed and they became partners, all he would have to do is allow the Lant to live in his citadel and to give him what he needed to live and some attention, and in return he’d share his powers and contacts and the like with the Lord. Slare agreed and their strange relationship was forged in the dim light of his study.

Slare is probably the only person Trae cares to protect at all, and the Lant will even put himself in harm’s way to do it. The unlikely pair started out as a union of mutual benefit but over time evolved into an actual friendship. Slare would probably never admit that he cared and would tell anyone that any protection or rescuing of his Lant was simply because they had a contract and that losing Trae would be of more harm than benefit, but Trae is fully aware that the Lord cares for him—that doesn’t keep him from whining that Slare’s mean to him, though. Most of their time together is spent arguing or training, because that’s what Slare enjoys most: beefing up. Trae hates working out and despises physical labor, leaving Slare to seek out a sparring partner elsewhere. He found it, too, in the red-haired insane Keidral named Akel.

Akel’s presence nullifies all of Trae’s Lant runes and magics, making him completely vulnerable and helpless. While the Keidral and his partner throw punches and try stabbing each other for fun, Trae hides away indoors, sprawled on his couch half naked and nursing a glass of wine while whining about Slare never giving him any attention.

Though he has undergone a lot of drama and physical stress during his stay, and though he can leave at any time he wishes to abandon Slare, Trae has remained faithful. He continues to allow the Lord to abuse his powers when he desires to do so to keep his place on the couch and claim to any food in the kitchen (and occasional access to Slare’s piddly). The Turned Lant won’t likely be leaving his new home any time soon and, like Juul, will probably live out the rest of his existence with his chosen partner, having bonded himself to the aggressive, distant purple-haired man.
Drawn on 11x17 paper in ball-point pen.
Colored (poopily) in Photoshop.

Image, Trae, Akel, Juul, Traenithe, Graeve, Shawl © me
Liege Lord, Slare Lord m© :iconslarenkou:
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wow... interesting background story on him. really cool picture too. my question is, does trae see slare as a sort of lover or as a friend? and do you have a pic and background story for akel?
akarui Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trae and Slare are lovers, yes xD (BUT DON'T TELL SLARE I SAID THAT O3O;; HE'D PUNCH ME).

Poor akel. I need to give him an updated picture homg. I have one on here in my Angel Code folder but IT IS SO ANCIENT. I can message you with an updated profile if you want, though <3~
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