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June 16, 2006
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...+Kuranos+... by akarui ...+Kuranos+... by akarui
^^" Poor, poor Kuranos [koo-rah-noh's]... This is only the third picture I have done of him in the past TWO YEARS O: *le gasp!*! I have been neglecting him, and so many others, for SO LONG.... I just have no time anymore between classes and home and church, hahaha, not to mention my friends and writing my stories ^^"... But hopefully the time will become more available soon.... *coughs nervously*

I did this for my Digital Media class; yes, I am taking summer courses, DM and Painting ^^"... Hehe.... Anyways, this is the piccy I did. I drew it up a couple nights ago; it started out as a doodle, but I think it turned out rather nicely :D! *giggle* New friends all seem to love Kuranos' design and personality--all shy and introverted X3. I have always loved his design and perhaps I will try to draw more of him soon ^^"...probably at the expense of Coldfire or Ryuken, haha...

Anyways, I am writing up his character personality/history right now. I might have it done tonight--really, it is nearly finished, haha X3. I might even add a better bg but I am just too lazy... *sigh*... Any comments about this work would be greatly appreciated :D! Thanks!!
Kuranos (c) me
image (c) me
started 6-14-06
finished 6-16-06
total time from sketch to completion: 7 hours +/-
UPDATE: here is some info for him; more eventually when I am able to finish his series concept :D
NAME: Kuranos [koo-rah-nos)]
AGE: 200+ [appears to be about 19-21 in ‘human’ years]
HEIGHT: 6' 5"
SPECIES: *Terrian [tare-ee-in]
ELEMENT(S): unknown/but he uses multiple forms of elemental attacks throughout the story
*He has never met another of his kind so he does not know his animal symbol--for one doesn't know until another tells them. But he is believed to be a coyote or a red-wolf of some sort.
WING TYPE: pygmy
EYE COLOR: yellow-orange
HAIR COLOR: red-brown
SKIN COLOR: tanned [Asian-Caucasian]
WOC: Power Whip/katana
Shy, quiet, and reclusive, Kuranos is a loner by nature and prefers to travel on his own while working his many small and often awkward jobs as he goes from city to city, searching for another of his kind.

The Terrians were legally ‘extinct’, killed off my Lord Baron, the ruler of the continent the species lived on. Terrians are characterized by their human appearance, but they have cat or dog-like ears. The males have wings, small and otherwise useless wings, incapable of flight, but providing the males with more spiritual and elemental control, however, the females tend to have stronger elemental powers than the males. The Terrians also have animal forms/’symbols’, however, one does not know what sort they are until they are told by another Terrian. Terrians are a very intelligent and highly religious and superstitious people.

Originally, the Terrians lived at peace with the Torrians, a sister species that appeared completely human except they have pointed or dong/cat ears but no spiritual or elemental powers, or animal forms, etc. The two species lived together and thrived; however, after a few centuries prejudice settled in, and it did not take long for the peoples to turn against each other. This time of inter-specie war became known as the Red Eve. Lord Baron’s father, Lord Phaluza [fah-loo-zuh], took control and with his leadership the Torrians beat their sister species. Regardless of the Red Eve, the two became friends again, but now the Torrians were ‘above’ the Terrians socially, but now again they were at peace. Three hundred years later, just before Lord Baron took the Throne, a prophecy came about. It eventually made its way to Lord Phaluza; the prophecy said that a Terrian would rise up and defeat the reining Lord of the land, and that the Terrians would regain their previous equality with the Torrians. This prophecy did not bother Lord Phaluza, but his son, Baron, was very unsettled by it. When Lord Baron took his father’s place, he took immediate action to see to it that the prophecy, called the Golden Promise or the Horizon Prophecy, did not happen. He made a decree of military war against all Terrians living in the land over which he ruled, and any Terrians who came to the land from anywhere else, would be killed or relocated elsewhere.

Kuranos was born a century after that, when his parents were two of the last remaining Terrians in the land. They were discovered just after their son was born; his father died to make sure that he mother escaped with Kuranos. She took him to a temple where she left Kuranos in the care of the High Priestess, Lady Ikano [ee-kah-no]. His mother fled and was never seen again.

Kuranos was protected by Lady Ikano, as well as the other priests and priestesses. Lady Ikano hid Kuranos’ true heritage by using belts to keep his wings pressed against his back. This successfully kept people from suspecting he was Terrian. He grew up in the Temple of Lii’sarah [lee-sah-rah], the High Goddess of Love and War. Kuranos was trained up in the arts of war, learning how to fight, and the importance of protecting others. The followers of Lii’sarah were renowned for the incredible fighting abilities, spiritual strength, powers over elements, and their wish to protect anyone who is in need of it if in their ability, a trait of the High Goddess they served.

Kuranos left the temple when he was in his early seventies [his kind lived for thousands of years if they last that long]. He bid his friends and foster mother, Lady Ikano, goodbye, saying he needed to go into the world as an adult to become a member of society. He took his weapons and his training and his knowledge, and went into the world, walking amongst the Torrians as an equal, unbeknownst to them.

Over time, even though he was a recluse, Kuranos gained allies and made friends. Several of his closer friends knew about his ‘secret’, but he trusted them with his life to keep it. He traveled from city to city, town to town, doing awkward jobs, such as being a delivery man, or a bounty hunter, or working at bars or fixing various things along the way.

Kuranos does not know what his animal symbol is, but he believes to be a coyote or a red wolf. He cannot read his species’ language, nor can he speak it, and he knows only the little history he was taught at the temple. Regardless of his lack of knowledge of his species, Kuranos has various elemental powers, strong power over energies around him, and can fight well with his training. He is slender and tall, making him swift, fast, and silent while running through the streets or on roofs, his favorite route of travel. Roofs provide him with a quick road through the cities; there are no crowds, no one to look for him, it provides a vantage point so that he can keep an eye out for trouble, and provides for a free bed.

Kuranos’ goal is to find a female of his specie and have a family with her. He is often depressed because his searching is so distressing; female Terrians look like Torrians, and have nothing to really set them apart. He does not know where to look, or if there is even a female alive anymore, and even if she is, she could be too old to reproduce or might hate him or not know who or what she is and reject him. He is obsessed with finding her, regardless, and is convinced he is not the last of his kind—because if he was, and the prophecy was true, he was the one who would restore his species’ equality. He has little faith in himself or his abilities and is very humble, so the thought of being a ‘hero’ to his people is very overpowering.
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Yaoifan180 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
hes so gorgous!!! :D (pets his head and smiles)
The-Shady-Lady Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Now this I love. A unique looking character, and interesting story to go along with him. Very enjoyable. This is creativity! I like his appearance, very unique styling. I've seen way too many angelic looking males in my day, but this guy has to be a favorite. Not because of his angel-like wings, or anything of that sort. It's because he's more eerie, darker even, than being elegant and handsome. There's a stronger detailing in him, which I like. He may be dressed in white but he also has a very lethal looking appearance. The apparel is uniquely done, I like all the buckles and straps, always been a favorite style of mine. What makes me grin are the shoes, though. They are odd with his appearance, but at the same time fit perfectly. I love how you picked and designed this guy appearance-wise.

Now the story is great, I really do like the ending though. I quote: "He has little faith in himself or his abilities and is very humble, so the thought of being a ‘hero’ to his people is very overpowering." that's a trait that works well. Develops stronger characters. Little faith in ones self only means that they have yet to understand their potential, even if others see it. That means they can try plenty of things to try and find what they are good at, which gives them a wider set of skills than characters that already have confidence in their abilities. Because those that do only focus on those certain abilities and never spread out to other branches of the skill tree. Your guy here is finely tuned, I'll definitely be checking your gallery more often to see more of him. :D
kittyfluffy100 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
i love it
Desertfire Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007   General Artist
Totally awesome!!!! Love the coloring!!
hybridinuyasha Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007
im really REALLY enjoying these characters theyre awesoem ^^, is the story your writing on them include them all? and where can i find the start of it?
BloodyRei Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
This is an amazing picture! :#1:
KariseSohma Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow that looks so awesome~ i love the hair, and the wings, and the clothes, and almost everything else!! tis amazingly done.
Zetra Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2006  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Omg, the desing is beautiful so amazing so...hawt! :drool: Definately a fave
fuhmamonou Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006
Hey Akarui!

I haven't spoken to you in like... forever ;_;

But now I am, so dun be sad anymore ^_^

Not that you were really sad that I hadn't talked to you anyway XD... but um yea... I <3 your drawings... and you're really gotten alot better. Just thought you'd like some positive reassurance.

Now then...Kuranos! ----> Furking awesome! I love the details on him, and angel wings, always a plus (has angel fetish)

One thing that's kinda odd... his one leg, that you can see all of...when it's coming from his body, it looks like it's going into the background... but as you get to the foot, it's back into the foregroud... which I don't think a leg can do >.>;

Other than that, it looks great, and I love it!

I hope to see more stuff from you, and talk to you again soon ^.^

DoodleDragon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2006
Hehe =D awesome character design. I especially love the stripes on the wings.
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