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Dragons, fantasy, drawing, writing, reading, anime, manga, crafts, making new friends, conventions, rping, keys, wings, gears, open-minded people, coffee, dinos, cosplay...

Bullies, close-minded people, skirts, being bored, brain farts, writer's block, elephants, clowns..

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Procrastinating, making a clean room dirty again, talking too much, making a plot too complicated, making too many characters, getting irritated easily, making lists , not getting stuff finished, ignoring boys, and getting in over my head!

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Homestuck, YGO/YGOTAS, Kingdom Hearts & Pokemon

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Current Residence: ALABALAMAHA O3O
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Techno
Favourite style of art: Anime & Fantasy
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Bakura from YGO - all forms of him XD
Personal Quote: I have a Snickers in me-pants O:!


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2011, 7:13 AM




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This is a Title

-w-;; So…I know it's been a while since I updated…sorry about that… I've been terribly busy and really distracted and….yeah all that crap. No excuses though!

Anyways, cons have been going pretty well. Down to my last big 2 and the minicon in November. This weekend is AWA and I am heading there with :iconshemara: and :iconchibidetective2: and my friends Redd and Diana. We're meeting another group of friends there on Friday afternoon and we're all staying at the same hotel so this year will be freaking amazing.

Getting to see all my awesome friends again will be so great~!
:icontwin-edgecosplay: :iconstrawberrywaltz: :iconcaledfwlcha: :iconpolkadottedumbreon: :iconbabycornflake:

Had lots of stress and pulling my hair out over my Sazandora outfit :T he'll be at about 75% for the con. I need to get more elf ears since one of mine was accidentally misplaced, and combine the 2 wigs and style those and then make his horns, but the outfit itself is done [though I hate my sleeves and I plan on redoing the shirt entirely when I have time].

The other cosplay I will be bringing is Karkat Vantas from Homestuck [] 8) Yup. Homestuck. I happen to adore it. I wouldn't have read it but :iconzippyc: and :iconfrecklez: gang-raped me into reading it xD and it wasn't what I was expecting at all. I've never identified with a character before now…and I find myself reflected in Karkat in more ways than one. Little spazztard. I love him. I've also decided to make it my personal goal to find out how to marry Dave/Davesprite. I DON'T CARE IF HE IS 13. I WILL WAIT FOR HIM. LOL. /CREEPER/

Anyways, it's not for everyone, but if you like dark and silly [Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy-esque[ humor, VERY complex stories, incredible character development, metaphor, alliteration, symbolism…blah it goes on forever…you might enjoy it and I encourage you to give it a shot. The story doesn't really get obviously complex until about Acts 4-5 though so you have to give it some time to develop, like any series.

I've heard HS gets lots of haters, though I cannot really imagine why [unless you count in-character Trolls and then maybe I can understand just a little.. l-lol…] so I am sort of girding my loins for it. The thing is, as Karkat, I really won't give a flying piece of crap about other people's thoughts. ONLY MINE ARE IMPORTANT, AFTER ALL  ]8B [LOL] so I will have :iconshemara: hitting me with her newspaper as Jade to keep my attitude in-line. Though if someone mistreats her, they will probably get a piece of my mind. I understand not liking a series, but going out of your way to tease or torment or hate on someone cosplaying from it is just ridiculous and I won't tolerate it—especially not when I'm grey and all fangs and horns and yellow eyes.

ANYWAYS. So I am frantically stressing over getting ready for this convention, which we leave for tomorrow morning.

:iconstrawberrywaltz: IS GOING TO BE DAVE FOR US AT HAMACON NEXT YEAR AND SHE IS REALLY GOOD AND I CANNOT WAIT I WILL PROBABLY CRAP MY PANTS NFIFBFDIGBGJFGDURBIDND. She flirts with my KK and it makes me jizz, you have no idea. We're putting her in a poopy makeshift Dave for the con xD just so she can carry me around while I shrill. …WHY is it that I always get carried like a sack of potatoes? Especially at cons. …..OMG….I just realized :T;;……….Karkat and Marik are incredibly alike. Holy crap. How did I not realize that earlier? Oh jebus…

UHHH….so Youmacon is at the start of November and I cannot wait for that but AWA comes first!

As for art, I have done tons of sketches. I might make a Tumblr just for that…hmm. I don't have one yet and I guess it would be a good thing to use it for. But expect  some art this month. I'll have a little more time to draw after AWA is over!

Well I need to go do a little editing for work and stress over everything that needs to somehow get done.


<3 Kalon Akarui


This is for features. Yay
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  • Playing: Homestuck
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